Decorating with Polka Dots

The Polka Dot pattern originates from the European “Polka Dance” craze during the 1840’s when members of Polka dance clubs created the design for their uniforms. Its popularity spread to America in the 1920’s when Miss America was photographed in a Polka Dot swim suit and Minnie Mouse wore matching red and white Polka Dot dress and bow. The pattern has stood the test of time, and although it is not a new design idea it can have a big impact, even when used in small amounts. It is versatile, with the ability to lift and refresh a dull room, whether it is a child’s bedroom, kitchen or living room, giving the space a more cheerful and modern feeling. Our polka dot door knob range can subtly add this brightening touch to your furniture and change the personality of the room. Do you agree? We would love to hear your thoughts and opinions so please comment below. Here are some of our Polka Dot door knob and range with “Dottie” fabric from Moda. To see the full range click on this link: