Heart Hangers

We have recently introduced a range of heart hangers as a beautiful accessory to match our doorknobs and the furniture they are fitted to. All of our heart hangers are made by hand in the UK by Mary Clarke, a local potter in East Sussex. Mary hand impresses each of the hearts, so every one has a different floral pattern on it. She fires them in a small kiln, glazes them and then ties the pretty ribbon on each one.

On the internet, it is difficult to describe how lovely they are because you cannot see them in your hand, but we designed them in two sizes and four colours, specifically to hang from our doorknobs. The larger ones are 5.5cm wide and 6cm long (£3.95) and the mini ones are 3.4cm by 3.7cm long (£2.95). We deliberately made them this size, so that they don't get trapped in the drawers and cupboards as you open and shut them. Here is the link to see the full range of hearts: Mary Clarke Hanging Hearts

If you are looking for something delicate, unique and beautiful to add the finishing touch to your dresser, chest of drawers, or around your kitchen, or to hang on your wardrobes and start your day in the nicest of ways as you look at them, they can all be found on the website. Hope you like them!