Door Knobs by Colour

Browsing doorknobs by colour is a great way to start looking through the doorknobs we offer. Maybe decide what main colours you will be using in your design plan and then add to your basket knobs you think might be worth considering. This will help you narrow down the options and get closer to that final decision of which doorknobs you will finally choose. We sell an enormous range of colours in many different designs and hopefully you’ll find something to suit your particular need.

White and cream coloured doorknobs add freshness and style and, being incredibly versatile, can be used almost anywhere – in the kitchen, bedroom, or on that lovely old piece of furniture that is due to be refreshed and upcycled! Pastel coloured doorknobs can be understated and subtle, but we sell many different designs and choosing a mix of patterns can add interest and will really help transform chalk painted furniture. Remember that by using doorknobs with antique gold coloured fixings, you can easily create a vintage feel as well.

If you haven’t bought doorknobs from us before, please take a moment to read the feedback customers have sent in to us. Many people are astounded that the doorknobs are even prettier when you see them, versus looking at a photo on your computer. There really are some stunningly beautiful combinations in mixes of pink, grey, green and milky whites and the wonderful thing is that you can pick out a unique mix which is exactly right for you.

If you are after bright coloured doorknobs, then we sell vibrant yellow, orange and red designs which create a fun and energetic environment. These are perfect for a children’s bedroom, or nursery, and we sell a range of coloured polka dot knobs which is well worth looking at. If you mix the colours they will instantly brighten up any room, from your bedroom to your utility room.

We love the mixing and matching process, because it allows everyone to create their own unique combination of doorkbnob colours and designs. Your doorknobs in your kitchen, or on your dresser, will be unique to you! And after a while, that look can be changed with ease if you want, by simply by changing the doorknobs! Look at our website gallery, or click our Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest icons at the top of the page for new combinations of doorknobs and innovative ideas. If you buy a set you are particularly pleased with, do email a photo in and tell us! Happy hunting!