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The majority of our door knobs come as standard with a usable bolt length of 2.3cm*, a backplate, two nuts, two washers and a metal flashing (the circular crinkly bit on the front face of the knob). *The actual bolt length is 6.5cm but as it passes through the door knob and metal backplate, the part that remains for passing through a cupboard door or drawer is 2.3cm. If you decide that you would like to change the look of your doorknob there is the option to buy these fixings in a different colour to the ones they came with as standard. We offer two colours; silver coloured and a more antique gold colour. This is a fun way to give the doorknobs and the furniture they are fixed to a subtle yet noticeable change of character. The silver fixings give the knobs a more modern look and the gold a more vintage feel. Both colours are stunning and the fixings are easily fitted to the knobs.

For those cupboards or draws that are thicker than 2.3cm, we offer a longer bolt in both antique gold or silver colours. These bolts are 7.5cm long, adding an extra centimetre fixing length to the standard 6.5cm bolts that come with the knobs. This allows the knobs to be fitted more comfortably to drawers or doors of 3.3cm thickness. Please do take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about how the doorknobs can be fixed to a door, or drawer.