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If you’re struggling to decide which door knobs are right for you, then why not take a look at our beautiful sets of door knobs, which you can buy in just one click. Sets come in 6, 8 10, or 20 door knobs and in many different shapes, sizes, and colours. Each set is carefully selected so you can be sure that the designs complement each other and the mix of styles in each set is typically developed around one or two main colours, or a particular theme. So you can choose a sage green set of door knobs, or a set of door knobs with a vintage feel, or look for knobs with the antiqued gold fixings.

The sets are ideal if you are fitting door knobs to multiple doors or drawers in a kitchen or bedroom, or you might be repainting and updating an old piece of furniture and want a set of pretty new door knobs. Many of the sets of door knobs have been creatively named (and won) by Facebook customers in set naming competitions and the winning set names and reasons are so evocative and posted as product descriptions for you to read. For example, you’ll see inspriational set names such as Nordic Ice, Cottage Candy and Forever Vintage. One of our favourite names and reason is First Frost with the reason “they make me think of the first frost of winter, the deep browns touched with the blues and whites of the newest frost, enchantment in the air”.

Of course, if you want more door knobs than are sold in any set, simply add to your basket any additional door knobs you want. We have tried to incorporate as many of our designs as posssible into the different sets, so that there is a huge variety and hopefully something for everyone’s personal preference.