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What is the right size for a cupboard doorknob? The answer to this is that it is personal choice. Ten years ago you might have bought a chest of drawers with large, round, plain wooden button doorknobs pre-fitted to the furniture and these could have been 5cm plus in diameter. For a typical kitchen today, or for a dresser, or chest of drawers, aim for the 3.8 and 4.0cm diameter knobs. If you have larger cupboards or wardrobes, then the 4.5cm doorknobs will be lovely as well. Many of the 4.5cm doorknobs have no metal flashing sitting on the front face of the knob, so with the 4.5cm range you will get the benefit of the full handpainted face. We particularly love the “Daisy Meadow” and “Biscay” ranges.

Our doorknobs range in size from 2.5cm to 4.5cm in diameter so there is something to suit when the drawer is smaller. The 2.5cm and 3.5cm diameter knobs have been beautifully hand crafted using natural materials, to create a gorgeous, decorative effect and these are best suited to a small drawer, perhaps on a bureau. The 3.5cm range also includes some lovely hand painted ceramic items and again would work ideally on a smaller drawer if you want something a little larger.

The majority of our range falls into the 3.8cm- 4cm categories, and all the knobs can be quickly and easily fitted to cupboards, dressers, cabinets and any other pieces of furniture you can find!

For all the doorknobs with a flashing on the front (that crinkly piece of circular metal on the face of the doorknob), each item comes with a bolt that is pushed through the centre of the knob and is held together with a back plate, two washers and two nuts. The silver or antique gold coloured flashing on the front, adds a decorative touch or can be removed easily, if you prefer.

You can change the colour of the fixings on any of the knob that has a metal flashing on the front by buying a set of different colour fixings – look for the longer bolts and fixings category on the left of the website.

There are so many different designs and we hope you find something that you like!