CK686L Newlyn Oyster (Large)

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  • Hand painted ceramic door knob discounted only due to it being larger than our standard size
  • The ceramic ball has a diameter of 4.0cm, which is our standard, but has a depth of approximately 3.2cm, rather than our standard of approximately 2.8cm
  • Supplied with bolt, finial, metal 3cm diameter backplate, 2 washers and 2 nuts
  • The supplied bolt will fit cupboard doors or drawers up to 2.8cm thick
  • If your cupboard doors or drawers are between 2.9cm and 4.3cm thick, you can find longer bolts here
  • Dome nuts which cover 5mm of exposed bolt thread are available here
  • Being deeper, please note, these door knobs will protrude further than our standard ranges, so if you choose to mix and match them with our other door knobs, protrusion will vary

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