Welcome to Upcyling Blog

Welcome to our Upcycling Blog. We want to share with you different ideas, based around our own unique door knob and hook designs, and we hope you will find the blog both stimulating and a source of good ideas for your own upcyling projects.

It actually doesn't matter if you don't ever buy door knobs from us, since it gives us great pleasure to share home furnishing ideas with like-minded people. Many people today would rather upcycle a loved piece of furniture than take it to the tip and buy something new and we love sharing our innovations and new door knob designs and combinations with you. We think it is great to see photos like this one as sources of ideas and you can gain ideas whatever you are doing - commuting, taking the kids to school, working hard at home, or re- styling a room.

What do you think of this photo with a lime green and navy blue combination? We had a great time mixing Paloma (Annie Sloan paint) with some other colours to get the tope coloured drawer.

The knobs are from left to right CK364 Navy Stencil Spray, CK037 Lime Green Polka Dot, CK368 Navy Stencil Heart, CK016 Navy Polka Dot, CK102 Moss Green Crackle Flower and CK173.

The fabrics are all from the Rustique range by Emily Herrick and are called Leaf Trophy, Leaf Shark Tooth and Navy Tooth Shark. You can buy the knobs from our website - lime green and navy here. Do you/would you use this colour combination currently in your own home? In what setting? As always, thanks for your support and feel free to post any comments.